Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp Day 3 - Multilayered

Day Three assignment is to seek out MULTILAYERED -
Here are the two things I found!

I love the first image because it includes lights and darks, and three different hard textures.
This is not one solid wall, the darker stones are closest to me, the an iron fence with a stone wall set back further then the lighter color and softer texture of the building higher up and set back even more!

Then there are these golden yummy layered treats!
Cookies and cream set on a colorful plate and nastry 60's wallpaper on my kitchen wall!

Care to join us? Click on this link!

boot camp


  1. Love both of them. The cookies are prob my fave. Like all the colors.

  2. Love the walls.... on the second one
    HEY! Are we on the SAME wave length or what?



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