Saturday, December 5, 2009

31 Pics in 31 Days December Photo Challenge Day 1 - 5

Care to Join me?  I have entered a 31 pics in 31 days December Photo Challenge!  Now to think of next week! See the link below or in my side bar on my main blog

Here are our boys just after decorating the christmas tree, looking thrilled right?


Here are some of my favorite Christmas Decorations - one Santa for each year living in our home (and then some).

If you look closely ~ You can See SnowMen instead of lights


Cookies - first of season
Mommy with too much time on hands!
Every friday night we make pizza and have a movie - last night 12/4 I was getting a bit too creative. 

Be it the H1N1 flu shot we all had right beforehand or all the Christmas Sprit in the air, I wanted to make a pizza in the shape of a Candy Cane.

Turkey Bacon, Cheese and Red Sauce on homemade crust!  YUM 



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