Saturday, April 10, 2010

365-100* My 100 Steps!

We had a Special Sunday Assignment in honor or our 100th day of posting!

Directions: From your starting point, which can be your Front or Back door OR your car door, if you want to drive somewhere first! Count 100 STEPS. Stop. Take pictures all around where you end up! Come back and post AT LEAST 4 of them (one from all four sides), to show where you were. HAVE fun!

My starting point was my back door!
Above is 100 steps from the back step!
We live on 3 acres and we have beautiful old New England stone walls along our property!

This photo is looking back at our house and our oldest following me!
He wants to know where I am at all times!  So he follows me!
I love the green of the growing grass and the yellow near the house.

This shot is to the right of me - it is of our "man towne" a little cabin
made by & for the hubby and boys to use!  Yes I am allowed!
The green path leading to it is where the boys ride their ATV's!

Here are my feet - taking the steps!

Gotta look up! Espcially when there is a plane overhead!

And this is my favorite shot of the 100 steps!
captured it on my way back to the house!


  1. Great job - love the last one too!

  2. Beautiful! I love them all, and I agree the last one is stunning. Cute shot of your feet walking, though.

  3. Great! Love the last!

  4. Great job - Looks like another successful assignment!

    Your home and surroundings are lovely ~



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